Denim, Double the Better

Denim is one of the fashion elements that will never be outdated. Some of the material and style might be popular once again after a long silent, for instance, leather and Victorian Style. Denim however, might not be the fashion leader in all time but it plays a significant role in the industries.

denim outfit

In the 19th century, a material from a town in France, which is called Serge De Nimes was imported to the North American Continent. Since then, it occupies a vital spot in the American culture. Jeans, denim jacket and skirt are three of the most comment clothing in the American fashion. Thus, how can double denim outfit match with Spring?

ripped denim jeans

Ripped Jeans and Denim Jacket

ripped denim jeans

The tore up Jeans is another legendary in the fashion industries. Its free style, sense of comfort and easy matching makes it even more popular among the younger generation. While the ripped jeans works with jacket, which is literally from the same material, magnifies the visual impact of the collocation. A casual white shoes will be your last component of the natural yet fashionable outfit.

Denim Skirt and Jacket

denim skirt

A vivid and lovely A-Line skirt looks quite different when it is made up of the French origin texture. Similar to the last outfit, this double denim dressing looks more stylish if it matches with white elements, such as white shoes and white shirt. But do remember that, the color differentiation of the clothing should be noticeable, otherwise the outfit will be really hard to handle.

Get Rid of the Boredom

denim and scarf

Somehow it might be a bit boring that your entire outfit is in denim. As we’ve said, white element is critical. While some other accessories can help you to break the humdrum as well. For instance, scarf will be your saver. It is pointless to tie a blue scarf, but the black color is closer to the blue color scale and it would not to awkward.

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