Current Fashion Trends: Pleated Dresses

There are thousands of fashion products that have participated in the current fashion trends nomination. While pleated dresses have shown its popularity in the North American Continent since the mid of 2015. Pleated dress is still your no. 1 option in this Spring cause its matchable and fashionable.

current fashion trends - NY fashion week

Current Fashion Trends: Bomber Jacket and Pleated Dresses

current fashion trends - bomber jacket

Bomber jacket is one of the hottest coats in this spring. The jacket is a classic element of casual dresses, while it keeps you warm in windy spring. When an elegant pleated dress matches with a masculine bomber jacket, the visual impact of this collocation would be impressively huge.

One tip for the latest fashion trends is that a maxi dress might not maximize the greatness of the outfit. However, a medium length pleated dress can do that. It is a suitable dress when it shows your shank indistinctly.

Current Fashion Trends: Sweater and Pleated Dresses

current fashion trends - brown

current fashion trends - selina gomez

Quite similar to maxi dresses that we mentioned previously, sweater is another lovely partner with dresses in spring. Yet again, medium length is perfect for the latest trends.

One suggestion is an all one color outfit will be a great option. For instance, the brown color dressing is really stylish. Brown is one of the most popular colors in March and April. Besides, the decoration of the black cross shoulder bag and fitflop is a great add-on.

Current Fashion Trends: Shirts and Pleated Dresses

current fashion trends - white

White shirts and pleated dresses could be considered another lovely example of Victorian Fashion. Both shirts and pleated dresses are easy matching. Thus, following this pattern you can create your own latest fashion.

Jennifer Lopez’s┬áred floral pattern matches with light blue shirt wins my vote for the best collocation of current fashion trends. Color matching is the key factor of this successful outfit.

current fashion trends - jennifer lopez

current fashion trends - brown outfit

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