Color of the Season

The hottest color in the fashion industries at the moment, is not wine red, which is pretty hot in the last quarter of 2015, nor Serenity and Rose Quartz, which are selected as the most popular colors in 2016 by Pantone. The answer is the brown. The brown color scale has great visible impact and more importantly, it is really easy to match.

Giorgia Tordini in brown color

In the past few months, brown was appreciated by fashionistas as a solid color. Early this year, it has been selected by big players in the industries and becomes one of the most popular colors in the season.

brown color suit

From the perspective of color index, brown is close to the color of earth, which could give us a sense of health, calm and rich. Meaning of brown is significant, at the end of the day, it is objective and imposed by us. A vote from fashionista such as Olivia Palermo, could be the best evidence to prove its popularity. From her last two appearance, the Italian decedent chose brown sleeveless maxi dress. Her brown dress as well as her brown make up is probably the best outfit in the season.

Olivia-Palermo brown color make up

Compared with other colors, brown is quite close to nude, which is familiar with human skin. Thus, advantage of the brown scale is to contour and highlight your face via depth of color.

Olivia-Palermo-Dinner-Paris-brown color dress

Brown, is mix by red and yellow. As a result, the scale of brown is really wild and it has numerous types of versions. Brown hair and brown make up works with brown clothes is the most fashionable collocation. Olivia Palermo has employed such skills lately, which works perfectly well.

Thus, pay more attention on brown and consider how to match your outfit with it seriously. Tomorrow, we will talk about how to match brown color products in a unique but fashionable way.

Alexander Wong

Alexander Wong is a fashion blog writer who spent more than six years in Hong Kong and Singapore, which are the heart of the fashion industries in Asia. Alexander has read and writen fashion related articles since 2010 and gained extensive knowledge over luxury goods and matching.

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