Coats on Pants Down

It sounds weird that coats and pants are incompatible. You might have dressed in this way for the pass several years or even decades. Coats and trousers may be a good match and make sense to you. But have you imaged, in fact a skirt could be a better partner with a coat?

model in white coats

During the New York Fashion Week, Blake Lively‘s spectaculars outfit on Michael Kors’ show is a perfect collocation of skirts and coats. A simple but well designed nude trench coat was on a sexy nude sliver pattern lace skirt. Does this collocation change your mind that skirt and coat are better partners?

But more importantly, why wear a skirt rather an a trousers? Pans could make your life a lot easier when you are walking back to the office or even running and chasing up a bus. Coats and pants could be stylish, no one can argue with that. When pants matching with coats, it shapes your masculine rather than femininity. There is no right or wrong answer for this debate. However, a skirt, can fully abstract femininity from a lady. The match of coats and skirts outstand you in a bunch of people, especially in significant occasions, for instance, a friend’s wedding.

Emily Ratajkowski in wthite coats

However, think more aggressively, how about wearing a coat only, not even with a skirt? A limit number of female could master this dressing method. If you have a 36 inches long legs, give a short to a solid color coat. You can probably be the most charming female on the street, especially if you are a fan of all back hair style.

Super model Emily Ratajkowski and famous singer Rihanna are big fans of wearing nothing but coat. Trench coat or long suit could be really stylish, if you would like to wear coats only.

rihanna armani coats


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