Change your mood with bright colors

Bright colors make people feel pleasant. Let’s enjoy our day with bright colors. In addition to the beautiful sweater, bright coat is also a good choice. Each color has its own advantage.

bright colors is lovely, especially in winter


Green is the color of nature, green represents vitality. Thus, green is the symbol of spring and business prosperity.

Green is always popular as bright colors


Purple represents energy. If you want to be more energetic and elegance, please wear purple clothes.

Purple is one of the most elegance bright colors

Purple is also a symbol of mystery and wealth. In ancient Europe, it’s difficult for people to make purple fabric, so only the emperors can dress up in purple. So purple can show the charm of woman and mean a rich and healthy life.


Yellow is the symbol of sun, light and gold. Yellow gives a very bright visual sense, not only can it bring happiness to others, but also bring vitality to yourself.

As one of the typical bright colors, yellow is really easy matching

Similar Bright Colors Collocation

Similar color collocation is something like green and blue, orange and red, purple and blue group, etc. Similar color means the two colors are visually close, collocation also makes people feel comfortable.

bright colors is easy for similar colors collocation

People should pay attention to the relationship between different colors. The better area ratio of the two colors would be 2:3, 3:5, 5:8. In order to avoid being vulgar, colors should have different depth layer degree. Don’t wear clothes in similar degree of brightness unless you are in a special occasion.

Contrast Bright Colors Collocation

Contrast color is also called complementary color, refers to the two colors that entirely different, such as yellow and blue, red and green, etc… The contrast color collocation also could also be attractive people.

bright colors could work for contrast color collocation too

Retro color is very popular this year. Deep color with gorgeous retro color also gives people a sense of visual enjoyment.
A variety of retro colors combination will become a new fashion trend this year. In 2016 summer fashion week, many brands have shown different colored stripes, each single product also has several colors together.

Retro is a popular bright colors in 2016

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