Cape Caps the Spring

The Super Tuesday heats the entire continent, while the weather gets a bit hotter than the usual March. As Spring comes and finally we could liberate the cape which has been suppressed for several months.

vintage cape, street style

Length of an Ideal Cape

The wine red capes, which were really popular in 2015 have faded away. While vintage and solid color capes have replaced win red and become one of the most popular product in early spring. Ideal length of a vintage cape is quite different from a solid color cape. For the former one, it should be long enough to reach your calves, while for the latter one, a inch from covering your knee is good to go.

Vintage Wool Cape in spring

Reasons for the length variety is obvious. Vintage color is a style itself. The stunning color does not need other clothes such as pants or tops to match up with. Regarding solid colors, it would be really helpful if another solid color tops or trousers are shown. Thus, it might not be a good idea to wear a solid black, grey or brown calves reaching cape only.

Material of an Ideal Cape

The fact is, material of capes really depends your dressing style. If you are a fan of masculinity, polyester or nylon capes fit you well. If you choose the other way around, wool is what you are looking for. Firstly, wool is soft and comfortable to wear. Another thing is that wool capes are easy to mix and match.

pink Solid Wool Blend Cape from vipme

Take a look at these solid color wool capes that are selected from VIPme. It is noticeable that matching a solid cape is as easy as pie. It does not matter if the capes are in pink, black or beige, to wear white trousers and a gray shirt could make you stylish in this early Spring.

black Solid Wool Blend Cape from vipme

beige Solid Wool Blend Cape from vipme

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