VIPme Clothing Review: B&W Long Sleeve Jumpsuit

The post is originally from Vivian Tse, reviewing VIPme Black White 3/4 Sleeve Work H-line Jumpsuit.

Black & White Check Sleeve Work Jumpsuit with VIPme
Let’s talk about jumpsuits today 🙂

VIPme Black & White Check Sleeve Work H-line Jumpsuit

Let me tell you a secret. It took me a very very long time in order to find the right jumpsuit without looking like a errrrr….housepainter. I’ve never considered myself a tall person, so finding the right size for my height is like finding a needle in a haystack (really). I can still remember I’ve made one two years ago, mannn I looked so sloppy in it! Wai even called me ‘Vivian the builder’ (like Bob the Builder). So from that moment on, I promised myself I’d never ever wear a jumpsuit again.

VIPme Black & White Plaid Sleeve Work Jumpsuit

Anyway, everything deserves a second chance right? So does the jumpsuit.

VIPme Review of Black & White Check Sleeve Work H-line Jumpsuit

VIPme is an online shop which offers the latest styles in fashion, accessories and jewelry at affordable prices. While browsing through their collection, this black and white one-piece item immediately caught my eye. Wow, this is chic and effortless! Should I give it a shot? I thought. Well, I’m glad I did! This jumpsuit fits like a glove which I didn’t expect at all. And guess what? Wai even said it suits me – without making fun of me, wow!

VIPme Review of Black & White Plaid Sleeve Work Jumpsuit

In my outfit today I’ve paired this jumpsuit with a trench coat. I absolutely love this combo as it’s chic and feminine. This look is perfect for work or when you’re going to a (formal) dinner party. It’s also possible to wear this jumpsuit on a daily basis.

VIPme Review of Black & White Work H-line Jumpsuit

Since it’s black & white, you can literally combine it with any colour or print. Pair it with a fitted parka jacket and a pair of kicks for a laid back look. Not sure if a parka is right for you? Try a pink satin bomber jacket instead! A pink bomber creates that girly and edgy feel at the same time. If you don’t like to combine it with an outwear piece, you can also wear it without! Stylish in its own way. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that a (black and white) jumpsuit is super versatile and you can definitely create fun and stylish looks with it!

VIPme Review of Black & White Work JumpsuitHow would you style your jumpsuit?

Black & White Check Sleeve Work H-line Jumpsuit with VIPme

Thank you VIPme for sending me this chic jumpsuit! VIPme has a lot of jumpsuits to choose from and you know what? Check it out now!


❤ VIPme Profile ❤
VIPme is a subsidiary of, the largest flash sale online retailer in the world, listed on NYSE under VIPS. We are committed to providing quality fashion products at reasonable prices to discerning fashion customers.Our parent company has over 160 million registered members in China. Now we are welcoming customers in North America to join the party.

We are selling a wide variety of products ranged from fashion apparel, bags, shoes, jewelry, watches, accessories, to small home products, and cool gadgets.

VIPme is the best place to pamper a VIP fashionista like you.

If you have any question, be free to contact us:


Address: Vipshop (US), Inc. 2550 N 1st St, San Jose, CA 95134, USA


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