Brown Blooms in Spring

The Brown color scale is the hottest color in this Spring. It could be fascinating in some vintage or even old school fashion products including sweaters, wool coats and short jackets.

brown outfit olivia palermo

Brown Pattern Coat

Brown pattern is one of the most popular elements in recent fashion weeks. You might probably notice that some of the stunning brown pattern is inserted with other bright colors, including white, red and green. The reason of doing so is, a large piece dark color painted pattern could be a bit boring and depressing. With the mix of bright colors, it turns the situation around and looks more vivid.

brown short jacket vipme  brown pattern coat vipme

Fashionistas like Giovanna Battaglia from Italy and other models who show up around the venture of New York Fashion Week Fall and Winter 2016 are fans of brown pattern coat.

Brown Leather Products

Brown leather products show the natural color of the leather itself. Its color and unique vintage style emphasize the charm of the product on the other way around. Clutch bags, totes and cross shoulder bags are great instances. For example, a Leather Vintage Tassel Tote from VIPme is a nontypical minimalist leather purses. Natural color of the tote shows its elegance. A Vintage Cross Shoulder Bag is suitable for office ladies and low profile fashion lovers. The Tassel Crossbody bag and Leather Clutch serves similar functions.

Brown Tassel Crossbody from vipme

Brown Leather Clutch Bag from VIPme

brown Leather Vintage Tassel Tote from vipmebrown Vintage Tote from vipme


Brown sweater is quite easy to match and is variable. Patterned Wool Blend Knitted Sweater is quite suitable to wear in Spring. Long knitted sweater is comfortable to wear while it keeps the cool away. More importantly, the light yellow V pattern makes the sweater more vivid. The collocation of sweater and skirt helps you keep the style of the whole outfit in a consistent way.

brown Patterned Wool Blend Knitted Sweater from vipme

brown Knitted Wool Blend Sweater and Midi Skirt from vipme

Now, take a look at fashion products on which are in the color of the Spring and become the most stylish fashionista. FYI, register as a new member and you can claim a $15 coupon for free.

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