Brooch Makes You Stand Out

Have you ever had that impression that no one wears a brooch on their dresses anymore or brooches make you look old? Nothing could be further from the truth and now is the time to change that perception.


Brooch has meanings

To start, think of brooches as symbols, representations of who you are and sparkling objects on your chest that attach meanings to your dresses. Brooches can take many shapes and sizes. For example, a small brooch is a pin and it is usually worn on clothes such as jackets, shirts, dresses, sweaters and hats. It can also be made from a variety of materials ranging from Swarovski crystals, plastic stones, sea shells to feathers, pearls and pearl imitations. Imagine it to be a beautiful piece of jewelry on your heart that catches all the attention during a banquet.

When to wear a brooch

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Generally brooches can be divided into two camps: the ones for formal dress and ones for casualwear. There is a perfect place to put the brooch when it’s for casualwear – the back of your jeans. On the back, it doesn’t attract all the attention at the expense of whatever shirts or jeans you planned for the occasion, but as part of casual essentials, a brooch is a piece of fashion jewelry that makes your jeans more expensive than they look. The important thing is, brooches are usually pretty cheap.

Other tips on wearing a brooch

When shopping for a brooch, use your rich imagination to look for designs and shapes on the market that suits your style. They can be flowers, animals, abstract objects that have special meanings or even names. Please take note that brooches are complements to your clothes so do not choose the ones that has no match in your wardrobe. Usually brooches are for more formal occasions (unless it’s a pin at the back of your jeans), so you can wear it for family reunion, office or other business environments. More casual occasions include a party, a night out at clubs or dates. Take a look at brooches at VIPme and make your day!VIPME Fashion Gold Plated Crystal Brooch

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