Be a Pink Beauty

Pink coat is getting more popular this season. In the stereotype image, this cute color is only for teenage girls who would love to wander on the campus. In winter, you could be stylish and vivid in a second when a pink coat is on. As long as you master the way to match the tone, you could be a stunner. This cute color is not exclusive with young female students. Take a look at these fashion lovers’ outfit and how they match with that coats. official blog, fashion, style, dresses, pink coat
A stunning combination of pink coat and grey trousers.

This lovely color works well with various colors. However, gray and white are two of the best colors that match pink at all times. Besides, the coat can collocate with trousers, skirts and dresses. Thus, pink coat could suit different clothes as well as different circumstances. official blog, fashion, style, dresses, pink official blog, fashion, style, dresses, pink coat


Alexander Wong

Alexander Wong is a fashion blog writer who spent more than six years in Hong Kong and Singapore, which are the heart of the fashion industries in Asia. Alexander has read and writen fashion related articles since 2010 and gained extensive knowledge over luxury goods and matching.

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