An Appropriate Bag Makes an Amazing Outfit

Doubtlessly short jackets, off the shoulder tops and trench coats are significant for a fashionista, but a handbag is as vital as your other clothing. Bring a suitable bag is a critical step on the march towards an impressive outfit. Now we will show you how to successfully match coats with bags.


An Appropriate Bag Makes an Amazing Outfit


Bucket Bags


Bucket Bags are pretty popular lately. Reasons for its popularity are quite simple, elegant design and easy matching. Usually, materials of bucket bags are leather, nylon or textual, which would be considered as easy to collocate with.


Bucket Bag is easy matching

Bucket bag shows your elegance with a brown green trench When a bucket bag comes with a coat, it could be really cool if the colors work well. Green or yellow wool trench coats would be pretty match with Bucket Bag. A brown green wool trench is outstanding due to its quality and natural of the color. One of the hottest collocations of the year would be Brown green wool trench, black turtleneck sweater, and a brown bucket bag.


Metal Chain shoulder bag

dark color cross shoulder bag could help you a lot on collocation

A dark colored metal chain shoulder bag is literally easy matching. It does not really matter if your trench is in dark or light color, as long as the color of your bags are not bright and sharp. For instance, a light blue coat could work as stunningly as a grey one.

A good selling cross shoulder bag on

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Alexander Wong

Alexander Wong is a fashion blog writer who spent more than six years in Hong Kong and Singapore, which are the heart of the fashion industries in Asia. Alexander has read and writen fashion related articles since 2010 and gained extensive knowledge over luxury goods and matching.

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  1. i loved reading/seeing this first blog i have read on your site. i think he does a remarkable job of making sense of color’s ways of working together. i spent years as a designer and colorist after college and i loved the color work i did. clothing can be difficult for some, effortless for others. color can be a mystery.

    i thank this man for making it accesable for people. generosity of spirit is a gift.
    alice james watkins

    1. Hi Alice

      Thank you for your comment and I really appreciate it. It would be great if we could have some insign from you, which could be helpful for our readers.


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