5 Key Words to Chic up Your Valentine’s Day

Festivals provide us opportunities to reach those “aha!” moments and surmount the quandaries of everyday life. And Valentine’s day, a day to spread love, allow us to take on rose-colored glasses to explore the world.

So, do you want to rustle up something romantic or looking to impress your lover without the stress? Our tips will help you to have a stylish Valentine’s Day.

1. As early as possible

Make plans early! Do it just right now! Do not wait till Sunday to attempt to get a dinner reservation. You will be screwed and end up someplace you didn’t really mean to go or that means nothing to you as a couple. If you need a babysitter, make those arrangements now or you won’t be able to get one at the last minute. Spontaneity sucks when it doesn’t work out.

Get a plan B! Since trying to plan a special night out for Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day doesn’t usually work out too well, so we will always get a plan B to surprise our lover! After get depressed by the crowded people, you will cherish more the dinner you planned in your sweet home.

2. Funny

Why not play some lovely games to set you free? This day is your chance to channel your inner James Bond and his lovely co-stars. Have your man wear their best suit or tux and wear your favorite dress.

Try something you wouldn’t usually wear. Pick one of your favorite bars or restaurants and decide to meet each other there. Bonus points if you arrive 10 minutes early and have their favorite drink ready when your love arrives. Also you can set some prizes or punishments to excite him to perform just what you want. One kiss for his/her cute gift but one shot maybe for his/her five minutes late.

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3. Personal

Actually, Valentines’ plan is always up to you. Instead of literally rubbing elbows with a million couples, keep your romantic date just for the two of you. It’s so much more special when you’re alone with the person you love.

So make whatever arrangements needed to have zero obligations and stay in bed all day long together is also a nice try. You can make your partner breakfast in bed, play board games or watch romantic movies together. Get cozy, stay in pajamas all day and have amazing, connected sex.

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4. Traditional

Here what we want to point out is that to embrace your story!

An old song to recall the story of how you two met and what made you fall in love. A movie which will help for your lover to remember what connected you in the first place and how special your own love story is. A place where you two have met each other and began your unique story!

5. Adventurous

Be creative! It shows an investment of time, love, and thought when you create something special. You can create a treasure hunt for your lover to find a gift or card. Instead of roses, sprinkle the bed with flower petals. Give a sensuous candlelit foot rub, massage, or body wash. Write your favorite, shared memories with colored pens. Make a collage of your dream home, family, or past or future adventures together designed with leaves, dried flowers, photographs, or magazine clippings.

Transform your ordinary bedroom into an environment that feels sexy, inviting and relaxing. Your partner will love this! Clean the room from top to bottom, buy new luxury sheets or entire fresh bedding set, put flowers in a gorgeous vase and stage candles strategically. For bonus points buy a new piece of underwear to give your lover a feast!

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Whatever you do, be real. Authenticity is romantic. Your true feelings are apparent anyway, and hiding them creates more problems. That doesn’t mean you have to spill your guts, but in a dicey situation, choose words that are true for you.

You can also use these advices to make everyday a Valentine’s Day!


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